The next Verso Camp will be held at Hepohiekka, a campsite owned by South Karelian Scouts, on the summer of 2023.  The campsite is located on an island in the lake Saimaa, in Kyläniemi village of Taipalsaari. You can reach the campsite by car or even by a bus, but you need to use the Kyläniemi ferry to get across to ihe island. 

If you choose to use public transport, we would advice you to book a train to Imatra. A car ride will be arranged from the railway station to Hepohiekka.



  • Mon 24.7. – Fri 28.7. Building up the camp structures & teaching campsite building skills to anyone interested
  • Fri 28.7. – Sat 5.8. Camp for Scouts 10 yrs or older 
  • Tue 1.8.- Sat 5.8. Camp for Cub Scouts
  • Tue 1.8.- Sat 5.8. Camp for Scouting families with children 6 yrs or under
  • Sat 5.8.-Sun 6.8. Cleaning and taking apart srtuctures built by us

Our international friends are very welcome to join the camp a little later or leave a little early, if your travelling plans require such arrangements.

How to join us

We would love to see Scouts and Guides from all over the world join in our Camp! If you are even a little interested, please contact nana.kivimaki(ät) for more detailed information.

How we live together?

The camp consists of five subcamps of villages. Four of those subcamps are home to all scouts 7yrs or older. The fifth subcamp is a ”family camp” i.e. place for the families with little ones aged 6 or less and parents who are not the responsible adult of a scout group living in any other subcamp.

Many times before we have given cub scouts their own subcamp and by thus divided the local scout troops. Now our aim is to hold the local scout troop together, so all the ages are there for each other, helping, having fun and building strong relationships. Also, we don’t arrange the everyday activities in separate locations away from the subcamps, but the activities are organized by and within the subcamp. By this, we hope to see more explorers, rovers and adults spending time with the young ones (instead of hurrying far away for organizing activities) All in all, the subcamps are the life-beating hearts of the whole Verso camp.

Everyone aged 15 or more has a certain amount of daily work tasks. They also have some activities of their own,

At Verso camp, everybody sleeps in a tent (or hammock or whatever you pack into your backpack). There is no indoor sleeping facilities available.

The campsite has plenty of dry toilets, but no water-flushing ones. There are no showers, but in the sauna there’s always warm water, buckets and ladles available, so you are able to give yourself a thorough wash any time needed.



The leadership group consist of 12 people

  • Camp leader Ari Kastepohja (Jyväskylän Versot) 
  • Camp vice leader Iina Vesisenaho (Sarka-Versot) 
  • Leader of the family subcamp Kati Larkkonen (Jyväskylän Versot) 
  • Leader of the subcamp Capital area Jouni Riuttanen (Espoon Leppäversot) 
  • Leader of the subcamp Southern Finland Kimmo Salakka (Lahden Versot) 
  • Leader of the subcamp Western Finland Jussi Puuri (Tampereen Versot) 
  • Leader of the subcamp Eastern Finland Mila Huovinen (Joensuun Haka-Versot) 
  • Leader of maintenance Jukka Tuomela (Turun Versot) 
  • Leader of building Aake Huurresalo (Hämeen Haka-Versot) 
  • Leader of kitchen logistics Mikko Kaikkonen (Lahden Versot) 
  • Leader of office Aarni Salomaa (Jyvsäkylän Versot) 
  • Leader of safety Petteri Siekkinen (Tampereen Versot) 

Also participating in the meetings of the leadership group are

  • from the National Scout Committee, the minister of camping Otto Ketonen (Lahden Versot) 
  • youth secretary Nana Kivimäki (Youth organization of the Free Evangelical Church on Finland, SVN)